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OZ Student Explorer – Youth

Students1OZ Students Explorer designs custom itineraries around the globe for discerning small groups, student travelers and educational institutions.  We pride ourselves on delivering a superlative educational travel experience for our clients. What began as a company focused on school travel, has grown to include student summer courses, courses abroad, museum tours and custom-made journeys to many of the world’s most exciting and exotic destinations.

We are one of Canada’s leading Exploring Traveling Companies. Our new learning experiences are packed with tremendous life changing skills, exposures to other cultures, education and breath taking trips in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and other parts of the world. We also work with may camp providers for an unbeatable learning experience.

Why Choose OZ?

  • We provide programs to balance education and fun
  • We offer programs that create lifetime memories
  • We are experienced in all services that we provide
  • We are trustworthy, reliable and our services are readily available
  • We prioritize clients’ safety and we are proud to be a person centered company
  • We customize our programs to your expectations and budget
  • We provide support from the minute you contact us
  • We provide fresh ideas and new learning experiences

We invite you to send your children on a breath-taking experience to one of our programs.  There are a lot of activities lined up which are both fun-filled and educational.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.